Mersey Valley

An Autumn dawn approaching over Chorlton Water Park.

“Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness” …….fairly clear that John Keats wasn’t from Manchester. If he had been I doubt his description would have been quite so romantic.

Still great to see the Autumn Crocus appearing along the banks of the Mersey with the area adjacent to Chorlton Ees and Sale Water Park being particulary colourful.

The curious, egg-like Collared Earthstars waiting for the arrival of the autumn rains.

Not the longest of waits.

Despite September being a relatively dry month when the showers arrived they were spectacular. Hard to recall a rainbow being quite so vivid as the one that followed a downpour we were caught in on Sale Ees.

With the arrival of the rain the Earthstars split open and erupted.

Shaggy Inkcaps appeared out of nowhere

One of the several dozen Collared Earthstars waiting to release its spores.

The sheer number of Earthstars this Autumn has been incredible. For many years largely restricted to the woodlands of southern England perhaps one of the species to be taking advantage of our changing climate.





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