Spring 2021

Dawn over the Mersey valley close to Chorlton Water Park

River Mersey close to Chorlton Water Park

A new dawn arrives. Mid February we’re still in lockdown but I’ve been jabbed and finally it feels like winter is beginning to lose its grip.

Mica Ink Caps in Kenworthy Wood.

Mica inkcaps in Kenworthy Wood

Daffodil in Kenworthy Wood

The first daffodils appearing in Kenworthy Wood. Always a welcome sign .

More Daffodils in Kenworthy Wood

Although similar to the wild Daffodil I think these are one of the older varieties. Probably dates back to when the wood was used for tipping following the excavation of the gravel for use in the construction of the M60.

Quite a few oddities and other garden escapees to be found.

Dog Violet

Dog Violet

Small Tortoiseshell

Small Tortoiseshell – quite a late appearance with the first ones being seen during the final week of March and this particular one on the 3rd April. Still relatively cold compared to more recent Springs. Still ridiculously busy with the lockdown continuing.

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