Foulshaw Moss

Male Common Darter at Foulshaw Moss, Cumbria.

A few highlights from a mid-September visit to Foulshaw Moss. Unlike the Ospreys that had decided to head south still plenty of insects and especially dragonflies to be found.

With record numbers of Adders on the Moss we were hoping we might come across one basking in the bracken but not on this occasion. Whilst the increase in numbers is good for the Adders the volunteers have reported there seems to be far fewer Common Lizards around…………unlikely to be a coincidence!

Another Common Darter, probably a female however the red colour on the males does tend to fade as the season progresses.

Male Black Darter – one of the species currently in a long-term decline due to habitat destruction.

Foulshaw Moss and the boardwalk favoured by basking lizards and dragonflies.

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