Gentians, Sundew and Cranberries


Marsh Gentian
The highlight of a quick return to Highfield Moss. In addition to being the north-west’s only remaining stronghold for Marsh Gentians there’s also rumoured to be some isolated specimens of Petty Whin.  Hopefully one day I’ll be able to find them !
Round-leaved Sundew
Round-leaved Sundew in flower close to Newchurch Common.
Round-leaved Sundew
Another one of the Sundews growing in an area of sphagnum bog

Wild Cranberry complete with fruits again growing in the same area of bog.

I’d actually visited the area hoping to find some bladderwort however unfortunately the small pool its growing in is on some private land used as a scout camp. Sadly I decided a middle aged bloke with binoculars and a SLR c/w long lens may not be welcomed. Malham Tarn could be a better option.

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