Worth Matravers


Worth Matravers
Sitting on top of the chalk downs high above the English channel this has to one of the more picturesque villages we’ve seen. Leading down from the village a footpaths snakes it way through Winspit valley passing the ancient strip lynchets carved into the hillside before finally arriving at Winspit Quarry.
Wild Carrot
Wild Carrots (also several dead stems of Carrot Broomrape nearby).
Carline thistle and Common Blue
Carline Thistle and a female Common Blue Butterfly
Ivy Broomrape
Ivy Broomrape. 1 of an incredible 27 stems!
Small Heath on a Greater Knapweed
Small Heath on a Greater Knapweed

Autumn Lady's Tresses
Spiranthes spiralis – Autumn Lady’s Tresses. The last of our native orchids to flower.

In addition to the botanical interest during warm evenings in mid-summer glow worms can also be found. Perhaps unsurprisingly the valley is a magnet for migrant birds either waiting to cross the channel or just arriving. And just when you think you’ve seen everything watch out for the Daleks!

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