Home is where the hole is

Rose-ringed Parakeet emerging from nest hole 
Rose-ringed Parakeet in Didsbury. One of at least 3 pairs breeding in the local park (and another dodgy digiscoped effort).

Although technically feral they seem to have found a niche in south Manchester and the population is now circa 30 birds. One of the few birds guaranteed to get a reaction from park users and children when flying through the woods.

Dipper on the River Mersey collecting nesting material
In contrast to the Parakeets the Dippers on the River Mersey are largely ignored. Stunning little birds and fantastic to watch as they walk under water looking for Cadisfly larvae and freshwater shrimps.
Dipper on the River Mersey
Good to see an old lorry tyre being re-used as a convenient perch. Strangely despite the constant downpours of last summer and the frequent flooding somehow the tyre hasn’t been dislodged.
Dipper on the River Mersey about to take flight with nesting material
Hopefully the Dippers will have a more successful breeding season this year. Last year the nest was washed out at least twice.

2 Replies to “Home is where the hole is”

  1. Thanks for that. I saw a couple of Dippers from Cheadle Bridge at Parrs Wood School on saturday 14/04/14 whilst trying to spot a couple of Kingfishers I’d seen earlier. I thought I was mad so it’s reassuring to find someone else has seen them.

  2. Hi, we saw a parakeet tonight flying into the woods on mersey road in heaton mersey. Good to know they are breeding nearby .

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