Dragons and Lizards


Keeled Skimmer (female) at Higher Hyde Heath
Keeled Skimmer (female)A real specialist of pools in wet heathland and bogs. This particular female had just emerged and was surprisingly approachable. Unfortunately none of the bright blue males were around.
Sand Lizard (male)
Sand Lizard (male)Definitely the most spectacular of our native lizards especially when the males turn bright green during Spring and early Summer. Unfortunately its also the rarest.
Sand Lizard (male) on clay pantile

A short video of a male Sand Lizard taken at Higher Hyde Heath. A bit shaky but not too bad considering it was taken with the trusty Panasonic LX5

Sand Lizard (female
Sand Lizard (female) again at Higher Hyde


Another short video of a particularly inactive female Sand Lizard.

Sand Lizard (female) basking in the sunshine
Apart from when basking on the clay pantiles the female Sand Lizard’s camouflage is really effective. Unless they move it can take half an hour or more to really get your eye in.

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