Badbury Rings

Another Iron Age hill fort and another outstanding site.

Really enjoyable walking around admiring the views across the Dorset countryside whilst listening to Cuckoos calling from the woodland, Skylarks overhead and Yellowhammers in the adjacent fields.

Plenty of Orchids around. The sheer number of Greater Butterfly Orchids was a surprise. Fortunately I managed to find a few in perfect condition. 

Greater Butterfly Orchid

Greater Butterfly Orchid growing on the ramparts of the Iron Age Hill Fort

Brimstone Butterfly
Male Brimstone Butterfly nectaring on a hawkbit
Carrot Broomrape

The parasitic Carrot Broomrape – another rare inhabitant of chalk downs

Common Twayblade
Common Twayblade
Flowers of the Common Twayblade
Twa (or 2) blades – an appropriate name
The far more familiar Common Spotted Orchid
Common Spotted Orchid on one of the ramparts.

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