Death and Glory


Scarlet Elf Cup
Scarlet Elf Cups amongst the moss covered debris on the woodland floor in Didsbury.
Crack Willow destroyed in the recent storms
70mph winds, saturated ground and a few old favourites come crashing down. Thankfully the park authorities leave the shattered limbs in place helping to ensure there’s a plentiful supply of decaying wood available for the next generation of Elf Cups.
Jelly Ear on decaying Elder
Jelly Ear
Another fungi to benefit from the supply of decaying wood. Tends to prefer dead wood that is still attached to the tree
Mica Ink Cap
Mica Ink Caps
Relatively common on fallen limbs especially when the more advanced stages of decay have set in.
Crack Willow blown over in Stenner Woods
The impressive root system of a Crack Willow. It may even be large enough to support some regrowth.
Blackthorn in flower adjacent to Millgate Fields
Blackthorn – the first sign of Spring in flower since the 18th February . Also a Pipistrelle bat at dawn

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