Wild Daffodils and Green Hellebores


Wild Daffodils at Far Arnside, Lancashire
Wild Daffodils also known as the Lent Lily at Far Arnside, Cumbria
Wild Daffodils - Far Arnside
Growing in the woodland floor adjacent to the cliffs
Wild Daffodils growing in limestone pavement at  Far Arnside
occur in the limestone pavement exposed on the shore
Mermaid's Purse
’s Purse, one of the more common objects typically found along the shoreline. Actually the eggcase of one of our smaller, native sharks – the Lesser Spotted Dogfish. Perhaps better known as Rock Salmon.
Green Hellebore in Eaves Wood, Silverdale
Hellebore growing at the nearby Eaves Wood.
One of the more useful plants if Greek mythology is to be believed

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