Kimmeridge Bay

Kimmeridge Bay home to the Purbeck Marine Wildlife  Reserve
The underwater reefs and ledges of Kimmeridge Bay home to the Purbeck Marine Wildlife  Reserve.
…and immediately above – next to the MOD firing range the oldest working oil pump in the UK. Pumping continuously since 1961 its not the first thing that most people tend to associate with an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. However there is an almost hypnotic elegance about it that gives the landscape a slightly surreal quality.
Lulworth Skipper on the Dorset coast at KimmeridgeLulworth Skipper nectaring on Greater Knapweed

Restricted to the Dorset coast one of our smallest butterflies. Despite being nationally rare it appears to be relatively common along the coastal grasslands. Also seen at Durlston Country Park and Langton Matravers.

Nettle-leaved Bellflower in a road-side verge at East Creech Lulworth Skipper
Another nationally rare species the Nettle-leaved Bellflower around the corner in the roadside verges of East Creech. Lulworth Skipper
Wild cabbage Strawberry Anemone
Wild Cabbage, the ancestor of the Savoy and Brussel Sprout growing in the shale cliffs. Strawberry Anemone.  Unfortunately I still haven’t found a true, wild one. This was taken inside the Fine Foundation Marine Centre .
Before the storm
Eventually when the tide retreated we finally managed to get on the flats for a bit of exploring. Unfortunately after 10 minutes the thunderstorms rolled in. Time for a sharp exit. 

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