Jack Scout


Autumn Lady's Tresses
Autumn Lady’s Tresses one of our more unusual native orchids growing in the limestone grassland overlooking Morecambe Bay.  Tiny and very easy to overlook at least 40 spikes including several doubles hidden away in the grassland.
Brimstone on Black Knapweed at Jack Scout
Surprising to see several fresh male Brimstones. Still plenty of knapweed around to help them feed up before hibernating towards the end of September.
Cotoneaster moupinensis
The not so welcome Cotoneaster moupinensis, a garden escapee beginning to invade the limestone pavement. Hopefully the National Trust will keep an eye on it.
Carline Thistle,Carline Thistle, a classic plant of dry chalk and limestone grassland
Little Egret and Great White Egret
A short stroll around the headland to see Little and Large on the Eric Morecambe pool. A bit too distant for a decent photo.
Plenty of Redshanks around also the usual Black-tailed Godwits, Dunlin, Oystercatchers and a Spotted Redshank. Unfortunately just as the spotted red was moving into range one of the resident Kingfishers appeared to the left of the hide. The resulting stampede scared everything off within 100 yds.

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