Fallow and Frugal


Fallow deer at Dunham Massey
A trip down to Dunham Massey earlier in the Autumn to see the Fallow Deer Rut. A break in the dawn mist revealed a small group of deer under the boughs of an ancient Oak.
Fallow deer buck
Who’s the Daddy? Dominating the main rutting area it soon became clear that this young buck was in charge.
Doe a deer and fawn Bambi ! Fallow deer fawn complete with spotted summer coat
A nearby doe and fawn.  Another young fawn still in its spotted summer coat.
Fallow deer buck Fallow deer Doe
Striding through the grassland and clearly on a mission. Mission accomplished as another doe is added to his harem.
 Fungi amongst the beech litter. Faeries bonnets
Some interesting fungi amongst the beech litter. Not 100% sure of this one but possibly Shaggy Scalycap – Pholiota squarrosa Faeries bonnets growing on a rotten stump
Are you helping the Germans?
A poster leftover from the exhibition demonstrating the war time use of Dunham Massey as the Stamford Military Hospital.

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