Tranquillity basecamp

A few highlights from earlier on this month with another chilly day at Leighton Moss. In fact it was so ridiculously cold that I almost had the place to myself.
Snipe huddled together close to the Lower Hide a Leighton Moss
Snipe huddled around together at the edge of the reedbeds. Humans in short supply
Mute Swans taking a walk on the wild side
Out on the water the resident Swans looking slightly bemused. With the normal cacophony of ducks missing the muted colours and silence created an unusual serene atmosphere.
Tower Hide - for an American Sniper?
Blimey, I wasn’t expecting this. A new Tower Hide/Platform under construction close to the main reception building. It should allow some excellent views into the reedbeds. Unfortunately the views are unlikely to include Red Deer due to the recently announced cull.
Nuthatch in the woodland at Leighton Moss
A wander through the woodland revealed plenty of our more common woodland birds. Always a pleasure to see the Nuthatches. Likewise the Dunnocks and various Tits.
The unobtrusive Dunnock - again in the Alder and Willow Carr Blue Tit
Oakmoss close to the Allen hide on the edge of Morecambe Bay
An interesting specimen of Oakmoss or more correctly a fairly common lichen Evernia prunastri. Although the flat, strap shape thallus is often described as being shaped like antlers I can’t recall seeing one quite as extreme as this.

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