Homefield Wood…..and some more Red Kites.

“The soldiers are at home in their fields.” The cryptic message sent on a postcard from Richard Fitter and Frances Rose upon the discovery of a colony of Military Orchids at Homefield Wood.
Pollinated by Bees! Frequently referred to as a "Mannikin Orchid." The flower shares the 2 arm, 2 legs, eyes, nose and smile with the closely related Monkey Orchid
Considered extinct the Military Orchid became a Holy Grail for British botanists. Following the clearance of woodland during World War II it was rediscovered in 1947 by J.E. Lousley. Fearing for their survival Lousley kept the location a closely guarded secret. In 1975 the BBOWT finally revealed the location of the site to the wider public.
Fly Orchid at Homefield Wood The Fly !
One of at least 2 Fly Orchids on site. Easily missed amongst the vegetation. Unfortunately despite waiting for a while there didn’t appear to be any male Digger Wasps around to pollinate the peculiar Fly like flower.
White Helleborine on the edge of the Beech woodland Common Twayblade in the grassland with the Military Orchids
Close by in the woodland a White Helleborine. Also plenty of Common Twayblades
Red Kite
With the overcast sky breaking up far better conditions for photographing Red Kites.
Might be a while before we see them in Manchester !
Completely fearless and unafraid of people.
Strange to see a bird that appears to have a curiosity with people and is definitely not scared to have a closer look.

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