Rockin n Reelin

Originally I was hoping to post this update a few weeks ago but 15 days wandering around Dorset and Oxfordshire without a reliable internet connection put paid to that idea. Better late than never.

Several years ago the sound of the Grasshopper Warbler reeling away at dawn and dusk could be heard throughout the Mersey valley. However, in more recent times they simply haven’t returned to their former territories in south Manchester. Fortunately this year the situation is slightly more optimistic with this bird found at Millgate Fields in Didsbury.

If unfamiliar with the song of the male Grasshopper Warbler check out its distinctive call at Xeno-canto. Commonly described as “reeling” it sounds remarkably similar to a fishing reel. To most non-bird watchers its easy to assume the call is coming from a Grasshopper.
The far more frequently heard Common Whitethroat in Kenworthy Woods.
A recently emerged female Brimstone at the Orchard
DSC_3196 DSC_3271
Male Orange-tip on Cuckoo flower Small Tortoiseshell
DSC_3293 DSC_3291
A rather tired looking Peacock The aptly named Green-veined White.
Looks like someone had a late night out – returning to Toad Hall.

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