Parque Natural s’Albufera de Mallorca

Cattle Egret in flight close to the visitor centre
Phew……. an early start and it’s still scorching – far too easy to underestimate the size of the S’Albufera.

Although we’ve visited before in May and September it was still a surprise to feel the heat building up so quickly in early June. Coupled with the humidity trapped between the 18ft high reedbeds by mid-day it was uncomfortably hot. With young mouths to feed plenty of action from the Cattle Egrets with the adults repeatedly flying over the footpaths adjacent to the visitor centre.

Cattle Egret
Cattle Egret perched in tree
Trying to obtain a clear view of the nesting birds proved far more difficult. Sharing the herony also a few distant Squacco Herons and the inevitable Little Egrets.
Male Sardinian Warbler carrying a spider back to the nest
Great to see (and hear) the resident Sardinian Warblers.

This pair appeared to be nesting under one of the viewing platforms. Unfortunately despite being almost everywhere the Fan-tailed and Cetti Warblers were less accommodating.

Female Sardinian Warbler
Male Sardinian Warbler
Male Sardinian Warbler carrying a spider back to the nest
Nightingale in song
Frustratingly the Nightingale’s remained in the heavy shade.
Plenty of insects to be found along the edges of the footpaths especially Dragonflies and Clouded Yellow butterflies.
Clouded Yellow Butterfly nectaring on Sweet Scabious
Farm gate at S'Albufera
Upon reaching the far end of the Cami de ses puntas we were finally beaten by the heat and turned around for the slow walk back to the Gran Canal.

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