Meathop Moss

Just across the estuary from Arnside a few highlights from a first visit to the peat bogs of Meathop Moss.

One of the last remaining strongholds of the Large Heath Butterfly, in Spring the moss is better known for supporting large numbers of Green Hairstreaks and in more recent years – sightings of Osprey’s, Tree Pipits, Snipe and Stonechats.

Hmmm………… with plenty of pools and a 6m deep sphagnum bog one of those sites where sticking to the footpath and boardwalks is highly recommended.
Basking in the sunlight at the edge of the moss a Green Hairstreak.
The most common and widespread of the Hairstreaks this one is probably a male based upon the fact it was waiting on a favourite perch for a passing female.
Another Green Hairstreak on Honeysuckle.
Bog Rosemary – completely unrelated to the widely grown Mediterranean herb and in actual fact poisonous.
I do like a traditional wooden boardwalk. Normally twisted and in varying states of decay they’re frequently used as basking areas. Apparently Adders can still be found at Meathop but the chances of seeing one are fairly remote.
Great to see a young Common Lizard taking advantage of the warm afternoon sunshine.
Another Green Hairstreak. The white markings/hairstreak to the underside of the wings appears to be quite variable – perhaps there’s an element of sexual dimorphism?
A male Common Lizard basking on a log at the edge of the woodland.
Slightly further along its partner.


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