Upper Derwent Valley

Howden Dam

The top and most attractive of the series of reservoirs in the Upper Derwent Valley. On a quiet midweek day at the end of October the autumn colours are magnificent.

A short walk around part of the pine woods revealed an interesting selection of fungi with what looks like Fly Agarics being particularly common.  However, it was noticeable that many of them lacked the usual white scales.

Fly Agaric – again with no scales.

A fresh Fly Agaric complete with scales.

Somewhat surprisingly following a bit of research it appears that in heavy rainfall the scales can be washed off 😮

Dusky Puffball

Plenty of puffballs waiting to stood upon by the passing foot of a sheep (or perhaps more likely – a human).

The papery husks of a pair of exploded puffballs.

Primrose Brittlegill

I’m not 100% sure of the identification of this one but its probably a Primrose Brittlegill. Bearing in mind its poor condition I’d expect the gills to be more yellow however it could be a lot fresher than it looks. Probably just had a hard time with the local slugs.

Larch Bolete

Yellow Stagshorn

A common and unmistakable fungi with this one found growing on the stump of a felled Pine.

Meghan – happy days 🙂

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