In Search of Spring

Blackthorn coming into flower at Millgate Fields, Didsbury. One of the favourite spots for  Bullfinch.

Unfortunately contractors working on behalf of Manchester City Council have since pruned it all back to allow for “access improvements.” Also known as putting in a gravel footpath.
Something similar also happened recently in an area of Salford with contractors working on behalf of United Utilities actually wrapping a hedge in netting to prevent birds from nesting.

Common Frog at Chorlton Water Park.  
Common Frog at Chorlton Water Park.

Normally the frogs in this area tend to be green rather than the more unusual pale brown. Good to see the red thread disease many of them were suffering from last year seems to have disappeared. It’ll be interesting to see how the frogspawn survives in the now frozen pool.

Song Thrush on Kenworthy Field

Song Thrush

One of the highlights of the daily walk along the Mersey valley. Still seems astonishing that the numbers of Song Thrushes have crashed by over 50%  since 1970. Fortunately there’s at least 3 territories within walking distance. 

Butterbur on the banks of the River Mersey 
Butterbur emerging along the river bank.

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