First Migrants of the Year

Recently arrived Avocets at Leighton Moss 
Avocets at Leighton Moss (a rare digiscoped effort).

The end of March and locally we’re still awaiting the arrival of the first summer migrants.  The closet we’ve had is a male Stonechat at Millgate Fields but this was a case of passing through rather than establishing a summer territory. Fortunately on the coast the arrival of the Avocets suggests that the seasons are finally on the change.

Another pair of Avocets at Leighton Moss 
Another couple settling in for the summer on the salt marsh at the edge of Morecambe Bay
Black-tailed Godwits  
A pair of Black-tailed Godwits in one of the pools in front of the Eric Morecambe hide.
Common Snipe from the Tim Jackson hide. Another digiscoped effort.
A bird formely known as Pee-wit 
The bird formerly known as Peewit.

Years ago when I was growing up on the Wyre estuary flocks of Peewits were a common site on the marshes and flooded fields during the winter months. Since then their population has crashed by over 50% and they’ve acquired the common name of Lapwing. The loss of the rather wonderful onomatopoeically correct name almost mirrors their decline.

Funny, how many years ago I can’t recall asking anyone why they were called Peewits.

A Bearded Tit "nest box"
Remember that American Film from a few years ago with Kevin Costner in and the ghosts of a load of old Baseball stars – Field of Dreams. Well I think I might knock one of these up this year at the edge of the garden pond. “Build it and they will come…..” Sorry Kevin but I’ve got my doubts.
Build it and they will come ........
Doesn’t look too difficult to build. Maybe a Blue Tit will be tempted Smile

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